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February 2016
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Audrey Hepburns Bio Revels Possible Eating Disorder

I’ve recently become interested in the life and movies of an iconic beauty of a glamorous generation past, Audrey Hepburn.  I noticed, as I never had really before, looking through pictures of this beautiful legend, how thin she really was. I always just thought that was her body type, or that she was one of those miraculously blessed women who had the metabolism of a humming bird, or just happened to not like to eat much.

What I read about from her Bio though, is that she apparently admitted to consciously trying to stay at the weight of 103 pounds.  And apparently she did do this, with the exception of her pregnancies, where she reportedly only put on about the weight of the baby itself. Sheesh, do you know how hard this is to do, especially when you are pregnant? It made me wonder if she had struggled with anorexia, as some in the entertainment world now suspect.

I don’t think that back in her hey day anorexia was a really well known eating disorder, or even considered a disorder at all. Now, with all the attention focused on the prevalence of eating disorders, we know that anorexia is very prevalent now and started to really be a problem when excruciatingly thin women like Hepburn and Twiggie came en vogue. Curvy has always come and gone, and they will always have a niche market, but beware of the super thin envy with women who are perfectionists to begin with.

I can’t help but compare Hepburn with a celebrity today who has seemingly modeled her life after Hepburns, becoming, like Hepburn, an ambassador for the UN and do gooder, Angelina Jolie. Jolie also seems to be painfully thin at times, and apparently she and Hepburn are about the same height.  Also, Jolie has become somewhat of a legend for her looks in our age as well.

It startles me when I see so many women who others look to as role models seemingly starve and deprive themselves to stay so painfully thin. I want to scream that it’s ok to eat, just be healthy about it and try not to eat S&*@ all the time (I love that, I think Jennifer Aniston said that – I love her).

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