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February 2016
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Cinnamon a Natural Appetite Suppressant?

I had read in a couple of different places, both online and in magazines, that cinnamon was being hailed as a mild appetite suppressant, as well as a stabilizer of blood sugar.  Mind you, there is a HUGE connection between blood sugar levels and hunger, hence the reasons for people with unstable blood sugar to have ravenous appetites much of the time.  So this connection between hunger, appetite and blood sugar levels that has been insinuated about the common spice cinnamon does make sense logically.  But does it work?

Well, I set out to figure that out, and here’s my conclusion about whether cinnamons naturally suppresses the appetite.  I found that I think it does, although it seems fairly short lived, so for me, I did have to keep taking the cinnamon to achieve constant results. 

Here’s what I did.  I actually had a small shaker of cinnamon in my desk at work which I had gone through a phase using in my coffee and hot chocolate for a while, so I decided I would take a small dose of cinnamon in the morning with my breakfast to see if it staved off my usuall “mid morning” hunger, and voila, it did seem to lessen my hunger, as well as prevent me from getting the shakes, which I will usually get around ten to eleven, since I eat very early in the morning – around seven, and I’m the type of person who does have to eat at frequent intervals to keep my blood sugar steady.

I noticed this lack of shakiness and seeming evenness of mood and concentration throughout the morning, when usually I’d be thinking about food already by about ten o’clock, since I do need to eat every so often.  I just took probably not even a fourth of a teaspoon, but I took it straight – I didn’t mix it with anything, I just shook it out onto my hand and licked it right off!  Not the tastiest thing, but it’s also not horrible – it is, after all – cinnamon.

So if you’re looking for an experiment on how to naturally suppress the appetite, and you have some cinnamon laying around, there’s no harm in seeing what it does or doesn’t do for you, that is if you can stomach the taste of cinnamon, and I don’t know many people who don’t like the spice.  Just imagine you’re eating a slice of pumpkin pie and that may help it go down.  Don’t take it with sugar though, or you will defeat the purpose. 

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