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February 2016
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Illness Prevention Tips

Nobody likes to get sick. Colds and the flu are some of the miserable and contagious illnesses that spread throughout the year. The good news is there are many ways to prevent the flu or a cold from side swiping you and your family. Here are the top 4 ways to prevent these common miseries:

1. Daily Vitamins

The importance of taking daily supplements cannot be overestimated. The foods that people tend to eat do not provide nearly enough nutrition and vitamins to get the full daily allowance that will keep illnesses at bay. Therefore, multivitamins that are packed with vitamin C, D, B and A are extremely helpful. For those people who are not already in this habit, be sure to never take multivitamins on an empty stomach.

2. Doctor Check Ups & Immunizations

If you don’t have a health insurance plan, get one. If you do have insurance or can afford to visit the doctor, do so. Your family doctor can provide the flu shots and other immunizations that will fight oncoming sicknesses. In addition, having regular check ups goes along way towards preventing other more major illnesses and conditions.

3. Exercise & Happiness

There is an old saying, “dancers never get sick.” Any dancer will tell you that this saying is basically true. This is not mentioned to advise readers to take up ballet. However, it is to point out that the practice of deep sweating and muscle work will flush the body of toxins that cause illness.

There are two reasons dancers never, or rarely, get sick. The first reason is because dancers tend to sweat much more than the average athlete, second only to ice hockey players. Ballet, in particular, is one of the most physically demanding activities known to man.

The second reason that dancers do not get sick is that their brains are happy. Whether or not the person has a happy life, when they are dancing, their brains are releasing endorphins that cause feelings of joy and well being.

These benefits are not exclusive to ballet dancers, of course. All aerobic activity that is performed for at least 20 minutes will set this brain activity in motion. Exercise is wonderful for weight loss and strength building, of course. However, the real most enjoyable benefits of exercise are experienced while exercising and immediately afterward. These feelings of happiness stave off illnesses by boosting energy levels and vitality.

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