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February 2016
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Sweet Tooth? You’re Probably Thin!

It’s funny that I read this article about how people who eat sweets or have a big sweet tooth tend to be thinner than those who don’t crave sweets a lot. It’s funny because I have always made this obersvation in my life.

My family and friends seem to embody this stereotype, and I’ve always found it pretty funny that these people are skinnier and much healthier than most, when I see them down a bowl of ice cream or go crazy over a cake or cookies!

Apparently though, research has concluded that those who typically have large sweet tooths tend to be thinner and have a lower BMI (Body Mass Index) than those who don’t really eat sweets a lot.

The observations I’ve made in my life with the sweet-eaters I know is that although they may enjoy sweets once a day at least, they are also naturally very active, or even hyper, people by nature.

So, is there some connection that sweet eaters tend to just need more energy, and crave carbs like simple sugars more, because they are just naturally more active, and are therefore torching calories a lot more than people who may not crave sugar, but also lead more of a sedentary lifestyle? 

It seems like that may be the connection actually. The only correlation they could find in the research was that those that craved sweets, and indulged in those cravings, more often, tended to report that they worked out to make up for the calorie splurge.

So, it may actually pay to have a sweet tooth! Who knew!  Keep in mind, this does not obviously apply across the board. Sugar, especially sweets that are not derived from nature, like an apple or a simple piece of fruit, should not be indulged in too often. 

Excess sugar can have implications on your health, not just your weight.  It increases your blood sugar in an unnatural and unsafe way, and can even lead to heart troubles if you do it consistently.  However, if you live an active lifestyle and otherwise eat a healthy diet that is low in fact, you should have no issues if you are a sugar fiend!

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